The Flood of Fake News: Do We Need an Alternative of Facebook?

Flood of Fake News

This is an era of social media. Most of the people spend lots of hours interacting with each other on social media. Facebook is the largest social media site. No doubt, there are lots of positive uses of Facebook. Along with these positive uses, some people try to use it for negative purposes. That’s why we can observe a flood of fake news on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t take the check and balance of the fake news. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss why we need an alternative to Facebook.

It is a fact that most of our friends upload too many posts. When you open your timeline, you will have to come across these posts. Among these posts, some posts are fake and some posts are authentic. Due to the fake posts, it is also hard for us to believe in the authentic posts of these friends. There is no check and balance of Facebook and we have to engage themselves in the fake as well as in the authentic posts. Therefore, we can say that we require such social media site which can provide only authentic posts to us by keeping check and balance of these posts.

The algorithms of Facebook are changing day by day. In our friend’s list, there are some favourite and some ordinary friends. It is a fact that we don’t try to miss the posts of favourite friends. Therefore, we want to see the posts of only those friends whereas Facebook shows the posts of both favourites as well as ordinary friends. Therefore, we also need such an alternative to Facebook which can show the posts of our favourite friends on the top of the feed.

We know that Facebook is earning an unfathomable amount of earning from advertising. Therefore, the algorithms of Facebook try to spend lots of time of the users in engaging with the paid posts. Whenever you open your browser, you will automatically see the advertisements and paid posts of Facebook rather than the posts of your friends. Some of these ads are not regarding the gender group of users. These social actions of the ads will annoy the users. That’s why we can also say that we need such social media site which is free from advertising and it will show those posts to us that are relevant to our age group.

Sometimes, there is a possibility that you want to share your post to limited friends only. On the other hand, Facebook is not providing such facility to the users. Its reason is that it will share your posts with all your friends. Therefore, we also need such social media site that can provide a chance for us to share posts with the selected friends only. Facebook also provides a single like and sharing interface to the users. The users can’t change it according to their own will. Therefore, we also require such social media site that can provide us with a chance to change the like and sharing interface according to our own will.