Why Students Addicted to Social Media Need Mental Health Support?

Addiction to Social Media

Social media has become an important feature in the lives of students these days. While most of them say that they use it for academic purposes, this is wrong as they end up searching other content more than they look for academic content. Using social media is not bad, but too much use of social media has begun to cause problems. It has resulted in severe mental disturbances that affect normal life patterns and can be very damaging in the long run.

Studies have reported that students suffering from a range of mental disorders, including depression, psychotic disorders, and other severe mental illnesses have been found using social media platforms excessively. These problems should not be taken lightly as they are serious, and students require mental health support to deal with the best way and avoid facing further trouble in life. This article by a dissertation writing service discusses some of the most common issues that students face when they get addicted to social media, how they can be adversely affecting their mental health, and why they need the right health support to deal with these problems in the most efficient manner.

Living In An Imaginary World Of Their Own:

Excessive use of social media has become a substitute for the real world for so many students. Instead of going out, and interacting with real people the right way, they begin to create an imaginary world of their own. This imaginary world of their own pulls them again and again into it. Even when they are out with family or friends, they feel the constant need to check their social media, driven by feelings that others are doing something which they are missing out on. Due to this, they are cut off from the real world, and it begins to isolate them, preventing them from living a normal and healthy life.

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Suffering From Low Self-Esteem:

Due to excessive social media activity, students begin to take everything that goes on the social media platform and develop low self-esteem or negative body image when they do not get the praise or the appreciation they seek. People on these platforms can be harsh if they do not like what they see and give comments that can hurt, and students, who take social media life very seriously, get affected by this, leading to various mental health problems. Sometimes, these problems can develop into complications, and students face disturbed eating and sleep patterns that require medical support to deal with them timely.

Fear of Cyberbullying:

Students end up fearing cyberbullying because they have no control over the things other people post about them or the comments they make. This shakes their confidence, and they feel as if they do not know what to do, and they begin to fear people, do not want to go out, and prefer to stay indoors or limit their activity, which is not healthy at all. If this continues, they can develop paranoia and other problems and need mental health support to restore their confidence and wellbeing.

Distraction and Disturbance:

Getting too involved in social media can lead to lots of disturbances and distractions in students’ lives. They feel the constant pressure to post regular content about themselves as they are anxious for the comments and likes on your post or want to be the first to respond quickly and enthusiastically to the posts by their friends and family. All this keeps them hooked to their phone or tablet; it is not good for their mental as well as physical health and begins to affect their normal life too.

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Engaging In Risky and Life-Threatening Behavior to Get Likes:

There have been times when students engaged in risky and even life-threatening behaviors to get likes and positive reactions or shares on social media. They end up playing dangerous pranks, post embarrassing material, cyberbully others, or try to take pictures while driving or doing any unsafe activity for the thrill and end up with some serious problems. This is not acceptable for a normal and healthy life, and students must get mental health support to get rid of this addiction.

Feelings of Depression and Anxiety:

Instead of feeling elevated and happy, students often end up feeling depressed and anxious; it is because no matter how attractive the world of social media, it is not the real thing. It only keeps them happy while they are online; once they switch their phone or computer off, they feel more anxious and depressed, and lonely. Students addicted to social media need best mental health support to deal with the various problems they suffer from to live an active and healthy life, free of all pressures.

The Flood of Fake News: Do We Need an Alternative of Facebook?

Flood of Fake News

This is an era of social media. Most of the people spend lots of hours interacting with each other on social media. Facebook is the largest social media site. No doubt, there are lots of positive uses of Facebook. Along with these positive uses, some people try to use it for negative purposes. That’s why we can observe a flood of fake news on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t take the check and balance of the fake news. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss why we need an alternative to Facebook.

It is a fact that most of our friends upload too many posts. When you open your timeline, you will have to come across these posts. Among these posts, some posts are fake and some posts are authentic. Due to the fake posts, it is also hard for us to believe in the authentic posts of these friends. There is no check and balance of Facebook and we have to engage themselves in the fake as well as in the authentic posts. Therefore, we can say that we require such social media site which can provide only authentic posts to us by keeping check and balance of these posts.

The algorithms of Facebook are changing day by day. In our friend’s list, there are some favourite and some ordinary friends. It is a fact that we don’t try to miss the posts of favourite friends. Therefore, we want to see the posts of only those friends whereas Facebook shows the posts of both favourites as well as ordinary friends. Therefore, we also need such an alternative to Facebook which can show the posts of our favourite friends on the top of the feed.

We know that Facebook is earning an unfathomable amount of earning from advertising. Therefore, the algorithms of Facebook try to spend lots of time of the users in engaging with the paid posts. Whenever you open your browser, you will automatically see the advertisements and paid posts of Facebook rather than the posts of your friends. Some of these ads are not regarding the gender group of users. These social actions of the ads will annoy the users. That’s why we can also say that we need such social media site which is free from advertising and it will show those posts to us that are relevant to our age group.

Sometimes, there is a possibility that you want to share your post to limited friends only. On the other hand, Facebook is not providing such facility to the users. Its reason is that it will share your posts with all your friends. Therefore, we also need such social media site that can provide a chance for us to share posts with the selected friends only. Facebook also provides a single like and sharing interface to the users. The users can’t change it according to their own will. Therefore, we also require such social media site that can provide us with a chance to change the like and sharing interface according to our own will.