Using Binary Reading In Critical Thinking – Cons And How to Avoid?

Critical Thinking

Binary reading shows two clear paths. It is used to show two bigger perspectives of the picture. It does not include in-detail discussion. For example, if something is happening or not. The answer will be in the form of yes or no. it would not include other details like what will happen. Where it will happen and at what time? Binary reading has just two categories in everything. Like good or bad, right or wrong, black or white. These examples show the functionality of binary reading. On the other hand, critical thinking covers in-detailed discussion. According to experts of dissertation writing services, in critical thinking, you have to analyse each aspect of the problem and then develop assumptions related to that problem. After that, you must focus on the major concepts, information, and their relevance to the problem. Also, you have to ensure authentication, clarity and logical arguments with pieces of evidence.

Binary reading can provide an initial start for critical thinking. Let’s understand it with the help of an example. Suppose the statement is ‘is event going to start?’ The answer is ‘yes.’ This answer is in the form of a binary function. But this information is not sufficient for critical thinking. Critical thinking further include lots of aspects. Like, the event is going to happen in London at 5 pm. And the purpose of the event is to spread awareness related to current affairs. It further includes the importance of this awareness and its end results. This is how binary reading and critical thinking have a connection. Let’s discuss some cons of binary reading in critical thinking.

Cons of Binary Reading in Critical Thinking

Conflict and Detachment:

Binary reading causes conflict and detachment in critical thinking. Once you assume a perspective, you will rely on that assumption. And if your assumption comes as the wrong one, it becomes the cause of conflict. Suppose you have to decide right or wrong condition. You assume that the condition is right. You will do a critical analysis based on this assumption. In the end, it may come as a wrong assumption. This is how binary reading cause conflict and detachment.


When you develop a bigger perspective with the help of binary reading, it causes biasness. Suppose the assumption from binary reading is ‘yes’ for a given statement. Now the whole process of critical thinking will go in the direction of ‘yes’. There would not be any discussion related to ‘no’ condition. This is how binary reading causes biasness in critical thinking.

How Can You Avoid the Binary Thinking?

Allows to Think With an Open Mind:

Binary reading restricts you from the detailed discussion. For avoiding binary reading in critical thinking, you have to go for an open mind. It means you have to see every little detail of the issue. Think from a broader perspective with all of the related terms. Develop proper thinking with step by step method. The approach of thinking with an open mind helps you to remain unbiased. It enables your thinking for all aspects. Good aspects as well as bad aspects. Binary reading fosters a single aspect of the problem. So you have to consider all aspects for avoiding binary reading. Thinking with an open mind leads you to come up with exact and certain decisions. You will be sure about the results. While in the case of binary reading, you may not sure about the results. So you may not end up with a clear picture of result.

Increase Curiosity:

With binary reading, you get a straightforward response. To avoid this approach, you can add different facts and figures. These facts and figures cause curiosity. After that, you have to add related pieces of evidence. Also, you can add different questions to make your content curious. And you need to evaluate things on different aspects. Like what is the purpose of working? Is the proposed way going to show the best results or not? And always ensure an alternative way for a single issue. These alternate approaches increase curiosity. And this way, it becomes easy to avoid binary reading.

Embrace Uncertainty:

To avoid binary reading especially during HRM studies, you can embrace uncertainty. By this, it becomes easy to come up with proper reasoning. Uncertainty is linked with curiosity. In binary reading, you specify the single path. At the same time, uncertainty does not let you follow a single track. But it demands valuable judgement. It strengthens problem-solving skills and embraces critical thinking.