The Flood of Fake News: Do We Need an Alternative of Facebook?

Flood of Fake News

This is an era of social media. Most of the people spend lots of hours interacting with each other on social media. Facebook is the largest social media site. No doubt, there are lots of positive uses of Facebook. Along with these positive uses, some people try to use it for negative purposes. That’s why we can observe a flood of fake news on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t take the check and balance of the fake news. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss why we need an alternative to Facebook.

It is a fact that most of our friends upload too many posts. When you open your timeline, you will have to come across these posts. Among these posts, some posts are fake and some posts are authentic. Due to the fake posts, it is also hard for us to believe in the authentic posts of these friends. There is no check and balance of Facebook and we have to engage themselves in the fake as well as in the authentic posts. Therefore, we can say that we require such social media site which can provide only authentic posts to us by keeping check and balance of these posts.

The algorithms of Facebook are changing day by day. In our friend’s list, there are some favourite and some ordinary friends. It is a fact that we don’t try to miss the posts of favourite friends. Therefore, we want to see the posts of only those friends whereas Facebook shows the posts of both favourites as well as ordinary friends. Therefore, we also need such an alternative to Facebook which can show the posts of our favourite friends on the top of the feed.

We know that Facebook is earning an unfathomable amount of earning from advertising. Therefore, the algorithms of Facebook try to spend lots of time of the users in engaging with the paid posts. Whenever you open your browser, you will automatically see the advertisements and paid posts of Facebook rather than the posts of your friends. Some of these ads are not regarding the gender group of users. These social actions of the ads will annoy the users. That’s why we can also say that we need such social media site which is free from advertising and it will show those posts to us that are relevant to our age group.

Sometimes, there is a possibility that you want to share your post to limited friends only. On the other hand, Facebook is not providing such facility to the users. Its reason is that it will share your posts with all your friends. Therefore, we also need such social media site that can provide a chance for us to share posts with the selected friends only. Facebook also provides a single like and sharing interface to the users. The users can’t change it according to their own will. Therefore, we also require such social media site that can provide us with a chance to change the like and sharing interface according to our own will.

What Can I Talk About in My Personal Statement? For Business Management

Personal Statement for Business

A personal statement is also known as a statement of purpose. Mostly, a personal statement is written by the students while applying for a business school or a post-graduate program in the business. A personal statement is considered as an essential part of a school application. With the help of a personal statement, the students can last impression on the minds of the committee members. There are some students who don’t know what to write in a personal statement for business management. Here, experts of cheap assignment writing services will discuss what to write in the personal statement for business management.

  • Show that you need the program

Most of the students fail to describe that they need this program at this stage. As a result, there is a possibility that the students are not able to engage the readers. Therefore, the best way to engage the readers in your application is to tell the audience members that you need this program at this stage of an academic program.

  • Express confidence in your goals

A healthy humility is considered as one of the most essential additions to a personal statement. Therefore, in a personal statement, the students should express those skills that are helpful for them to achieve their goals. Moreover, in order to impress the readers, you should also explain that you have a solid action plan. This thing will show the readers that you have a direct connection between your program and future goals.

  • Demonstrate that you made a difference

Most of the readers pay attention to those applications which provide an idea to them that they can make a difference. You just need to express in your personal statement that you can bring massive results to this big project. You should also show that you will work hard in order to get success in the projects. This is possible only if the students choose such anecdotes that are helpful for them to persuade others that they should adopt your point of view.

  • Brief in better

There are some programs that allow you to add a limited amount of words in their business school personal statement. You should try to express every aspect of your prompt in these words. There is no need to fill up space with the help of unnecessary words. Its main reason is that according to experts the most memorable essays are those essays whose words are shorter. With the help of shorter essays, it is also possible for the applicants to provide an idea about the clear directions of their skills.

  • Keep the writing professional and varied

There are some students who try to use some jargon words in their personal statements. These jargon words can distort the attention of the audience from the main theme of the personal statement. Therefore, the students should try to spend plenty of time to choose the best vocabulary words and a variety of sentence structures for their personal statement. These professional and varied words and sentences are helpful for the students to provide smooth flow to their personal statements.

How To Write A Research Paper Outline

Research Paper Outline

The chief function of the research paper outline is to bestow a contemplation of your logical summit. The best outline is mainly imperative in the research paper, because, it presents all your views. However, the outline should be comprehensible and pertinent to the research topic. Most students are incapable to write the best research paper outline. Here, the professional writers of cheap dissertation writing services will give your information about writing a research paper outline.

Outline Category And Configuration: The opening and mainly important fixation about the outline is what the category of your research paper outline is. You should decide that the outline should be sentenced astute or title astute. You should inscribe a topic outline in clear and simple words. It is widely accepted that teachers provide preference to the sentence outline. Therefore, you should engrave your sentence outline in order to gain high grades.

Inscribe An Alpha-Numerical Configuration: You should keep in mind the structure of numerical series, because, it identifies the bargain of the segment level. You should write Roman numerals in the outline such as A, B, C, D etc. You can use bullets in your basic points such as 1, 2,3,4,5 etc.

Describe Gigantic Tribulations: In the research outline, you need to declare all the problems with your topic. You need to write high-level headlines with the use of capital words. The highlight or bold heading will give your high grades. You should choose effective and most relevant words for your research paper outline. This is an extremely advantageous tip that you should keep in mind while writing an effective outline for your research paper.

Outline time-span: You should not write a lengthy outline that looks and the introduction of your title. You should write just a few words about your topic. The outline is incredibly important in the research paper, because, it is the first level that can increase your grades. Therefore, you should keep in mind the length of your outline.

Describe Outline Summits:  You should divide your outlines into the levels. For example, in the first level describe the initial paragraph and the same in the second paragraph, you should write second paragraphs and its points.  You can use symbols levels in the research paper.

Write Equivalent: The outline should be written in the headings style. You can divide your headlines into structure and subheadlines type. The sentence wise outline is not good; therefore, you should avoid sentence wise outlines. You should keep in mind your speech level as well as the tenses. Every sentence should start from the verb. The use of an action verb can drop your grades.  However, you should not change the tense in every sentence. The present indefinite sentence is the best to tip that you should use in the outlines of the research paper.

Applicable Information And Proofreading: After writing all these steps, you need to write applicable information about your research topic, and then you should proofread your entire outline, especially, main points of your research paper. You should organize high-quality outline in the research paper in order to gain high grades.

Programming As A Business

Programming is the process of designing and building an execute computer program for accomplishing a specific task. Programming engages in different tasks such as analysis, generating algorithms, profiling algorithms and resources consumption. The main code of programming is written in one or more programming languages. The main purpose of programming is to find a set of instructions that will perform a task to solve a problem. The computer and digital age are fully incorporated into modern society. However, many people have a lack of skills to achieve their technical tasks. If you are unable to present programming as a business, then you can get help from the professional writers to buy dissertation online. Let us discuss some ideas about computer programming as a business.

Computer repair business

Computer specialists need to have a deep understanding of the mechanics and programming systems of computers in order to identify and fix problems. If you’re working from home, you’ll likely go to the clients’ home or office to work. You’ll need to have the tools required to diagnose system issues as well as to open a computer to fix or replace a hard-drive or other internal device.  Along with repair, you can offer computer and network set up, including the security setup to help keep clients’ computer virus and malware-free.  You can give awareness about modern programs. It is a very beneficial idea for you in order to start a business.

Desktop publishing business

If you have a deep understanding of page layout and graphics then you should start a desktop publishing business. Many online entrepreneurs need help in creating their products such as planners and charts. You can work for private persons. It is another most important and beneficial idea for you.

Internet marketing services business

If you have a deep understanding of internet marketing, then you can start internet marketing services business.  All business needs help with SEO, PPC and social networking.  It will be very beneficial for you in the future. Therefore, you can join any website for internet marketing service.  You can offer a full- service for internet marketing business.

Web design business

Similar to the desktop publishing business, many DIA tools are available to make a web design. You can set up a basic site for web designing.  You should specialize in specific platforms such as Word Press and programming language. An advantage of web design and programming is that you can work with clients locally, or worldwide. However, you can offer one-time services such as website set up and maintenance packages. Web design business is very useful for all persons who are specialized in web design programming.

Computer training business

We live in a computer age, therefore, everyone needs to learn the computer. If you want to start programming as a business, then you can start computer training. A home based computer tutor teaches to the children how to use their computer. In many cases, you can offer them a laptop or tablets. You can work with groups or can open your training office.

Most Useful Tips to Write an Editorial Essay

An essay is a short piece of writing about any subject. There are different types of essays like an argumentative essay, expository essay, admission essay and editorial essay. An editorial essay is an essential type of essays in which it is necessary for a writer to provide his point of views about a specific topic. It is written in a well-presentable way and its flow of writing is also continuous. There are a lot of students who are not able to write an editorial essay. They can get help from experts in essay writing services. Most useful tips to write an editorial essay are given below;

Tips to understand the basics of editorial essay

Before commencing the editorial essay writing task, it is an unavoidable thing for the students to get an idea about the basics of the editorial essay writing task. The essential basics of the editorial essay are given below;

  • As we have discussed earlier that the main aim of writing an editorial essay is to influence the opinions of the public about a specific issue. This issue should be presented in an interesting way. This is possible only if you have selected an interesting topic and angle about an editorial essay.
  • To write an editorial essay, it is an unavoidable thing for the students to mix your opinions with the facts. This is possible only if you get straight facts about this issue.
  • Sometimes, there is a possibility that most of the students try to write an editorial essay quickly without taking care about the readers. This is not the right way to create a monument of an editorial essay. The students should try to learn some essential tips and techniques in order to create interest in an editorial essay and try to create a user-friendly editorial essay.

Tips to write an editorial essay

After clearly understanding the basics of the editorial essay writing task, the students will be in a better position to create a monument of an editorial essay. Some essential tips to write an editorial essay are given below;

  • The introduction of your editorial essay should be such that it can easily catch the attention of the readers. For this reason, you can start an editorial essay with the help of a rich question or a quote. After that, you should provide a summary of your editorial essay. At last, never forget to write a thesis
  • In the body of your editorial essay, first of all, you should provide an explanation of the issue.
  • After that, you should provide some opposing arguments in the body of your editorial essay. With the help of these opposing arguments, you should identify the group which is against your point of view.
  • After that, you should try to oppose the arguments of the opponents with the help of your own point of views.
  • At last, there comes the conclusion of your editorial essay. You should try to conclude your editorial essay with the help of a punch.
  • Once, you have completed the editorial essay writing task, never forget to proofread and edit it.

Do GCSE mock exams affect what you have to pick for A levels?

The minimum requirement of each university is to take three A-Level mock exams (excluding general studies). Some students like to choose an additional AS for A-Level subjects. Advanced level qualifications are based on some qualifications. A-level classes are based on two years.  A mock exam allows you to receive your prediction of the grades. It can tell you that you are on right track. They are most useful for a revisit on to A2. AS has been critically seen in the education system.It is most important, because, it is challenging the study of A-Level.  GCSE mock exams are really affecting to the A-level students.

Choosing A level subjects

Here are the most important criteria for choosing A level subject. It shows that you are looking to enjoy a class. If you want to enjoy a subject, you should have the ability to do well all the things in your study. If you have a specific career, you need to choose specific A-Level in order to meet entry requirements. You should keep in mind your future study.

GCSE parts

If you are using GCSE, it will help you to ambience all the mistakes. If you want to perform well, you should not face worries. Your actual GCSE will play a part in your A-Level options. All these are most beefy for all the people. You should get the main point in your essay; this main point will help you to achieve all the good grades.

General studies

Studies are affecting the fifth mastic at many schools. However, it always counts the admission of every university. So, it is affecting the reasons for all the students’ aims. A level in Latin and Classical Greek are highly desirable. If you want to study in classic, you should pay attention to the classical subjects. If you want to choose this option, you will be required to attend summer schools. All these points you should keep in mind in order to attend A-level schools.

A mock exam’s ability

A mock exam is intending the judgment of ability. Most students want to see it as a useful way of improving their knowledge and memory. It is very useful for their brains as well as their future effort. It is most important to have any shock in the mocks in the last and final event. An exams situation is associated with pressure. Therefore, students are leading to nervousness with sloppy mistakes. It may be arise in the occasion of exams. The mocks exams allows to the students to familiarize all things. It is a process and practice that works for the students.

Mock GCSE Grades

A mock exam can be issued with GCSE grade. This grade is most important for all the students. This grade is not based on the exams. It can give an account to the student that is proficient in the courses. It is most important for controlled assessments or projects. It is the holistic judgment of students’ current time.

How To Write A Research Assignment

A research paper is a piece of educational writing based on its author’s innovative research on a particular topic. Most students find it difficult to write a research assignment. Here are some tips to write a research assignment that you should follow in order to increase your grades. All these tips are beneficial for you in writing your assignment.

Make your thesis statement

A thesis statement is the main idea and central point of your research assignment. The argument in your paper should be based on the central idea that is most important. You should write your thesis statement down in one sentence. Your research assignment is a declaration of main beliefs. The main portion of your assignment will consist of the defending support. You should write a thesis statement in the assignment. It can increase your grades in a unique manner. It is unfeasible to create a thesis statement immediately when you have just started satisfying your assignment. If you want to start a thesis statement, you should collect all the materials.

Make an outline for a research assignment

An informal outline is an apparent line that can put down and organize your ideas. It is subject to amendment, count and cancels, without paying much attention to form. It helps an author to make their key points clear for him and arrange them. Sometimes the students are asked to submit official outlines with their research papers. In a formal outline, number and letters are used to arrange topics and subtopics. The letter and number of the same kind should be placed directly under one another. The topics denoted by their heading and subheading should be grouped in a logical order. All points of a research paper outline must relate to the same main topic that you first mentioned in your capital roman arithmetical.

Organize your assignments notes

Arrange all the information that you have gathered according to your sketch. Critically analyze your research data. Using the best available sources, check for accuracy and confirm that the information is truthful, up-to-date, and correct. Opposing views should be noted if they help to hold your thesis. This is a most important stage in writing a research paper. Here you will analyze synthesize sort and digest the information in your research assignment.  It is most important to learn new things in your assignments and gain good grades. You must also be able to communicate your ideas and thoughts in the assignments.

Write your first draft          

Start with the first topics in your outline. Read all the relevant notes that you have gathered from your assignment marked. It is most helpful for all the persons that put all the materials at the last. It is very beneficial for you that can increase your marks. You should revise your outline and draft all the mistrials in your assignment. If you will follow all these steps in writing your research assignment, you can increase your grades.

Click here for further information about writing your research assignment.

Guidelines On Choosing Discursive Essay Topics

A discursive essay is a piece of proper writing which discusses a particular issue and situation. There are three main steps to write a discursive essay, paragraph summary, the main points of your opinion and a balance topic. The topic is the most important step to write an excellent discursive essay.

Discursive essay topics

Writing a discursive essay is one thing, but searching for discursive essay topics is another thing. A student can face hurdles in choosing a discursive essay topic. A discursive essay is one of the most interesting types of an essay. It is the kind of essay where the writer picks a debatable topic to defend his side. It is very important to pick the right topic for your discursive essay. This is very important to choose a good topic. You should choose a topic whose results are not too oblivious. Otherwise, there is no point in writing a discursive essay. However, you should not be too stressed out about choosing your discursive essay topics.

Here are some guidelines that will help you to choose the topic for your discursive essay.


You should generate new and original topics for a discursive essay. Pick a topic that shows the importance of all emotions. You should believe in the topic you choose. This will help you in writing your essay well. A good topic enables you to debate better. You should write a certain topic in your essay. The topic is most important for a good essay. You need to be passionate about your choice of topic and must strongly believe in it.

Avoid topics, which are too overdone

You should avoid the topics that are too overdone or have been incessantly repeated. The readers are looking for topics that are interesting and fresh. You should choose an interesting topic for your essay. Choose only those topics that are fresh and tending. These topics are guaranteed to spark the interest of readers. Choose only those topics, which are very innovative and informative. Otherwise, your essay will become just another addition to the pile of monotonous essays.

 Be very specific

You should choose a specific topic for a persuasive essay. It should not be too general or too overwhelming. You should avoid monotony at any cost. The topic you choose should be very specific and high debatable. The area of the debate should not be too wide. In fact, it should be the complete opposite. The topic for your essay should be crisp and specific. If you choose a topic which has a very wide scope, then it will switch and useless.

 Pick an informative topic.

You should pick an informative topic for your essay. You can choose a credible and genuine topic for your essay. You should choose a genuine content for your persuasive essay topics. Choose a topic that is edgy and daring. You should choose an interesting topic. If your sources are not credible, it may affect and challenge your credibility as a writer. If your content is not genuine, you will face a lot of backlash from your audiences.

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A Brief Information On The Types of Statistical Analysis For A Thesis Research

Statistical analysis is a constituent of data logic, a science of inference and reasoning. In the context of BI, statistical analysis involves gathering and scrutinizing every data sample in a set of items from which example can be drawn. An example, in statistics, is a representative collection drawn from a total population. Statistician accumulates data via particular experiments propose and appraisal illustration. An experimental study including measurement of the system of the study, manipulating the system, and then taking the additional part of contrast, an analytical statistic does not involve experimental manipulation. To know the types of statistical analysis, get help from dissertation writing services.


Descriptive:  Descriptive analysis helps in summarizing the available data, it also analyse the structure and distribution of either or the entire data.

Inferential; inferential analysis is used to deduce some insights from the data that are not apparently visible. It can be used to make judgments and infer insights from the data.

Now we will look at various types of analysis within each of these categories with the help of an example. Let’s say Sana is a math teacher and teaches a class of 40 students. She wants to analyze the test scores of her students. We will see what types of statistical analysis techniques she can use.


  Measures of central tendency: Measures of central tendency are a type of statistical analysis that is used to represent the central cluster and the typical scenario presented by the data

  Median: Median is another type of statistical analysis that is used to arrange the data points in ascending order and then taking the middle number. The average taken by the two middle numbers.

  MEAN: Mean represents the average of data points, also calculates by dividing the sum of all the data points by the number of data points.

MODE; mode is another type that represents the frequency occurring to data points in the sample of data. For example, Ali finds out four students scored a perfect 100, and this was the most frequently occurring score. In this case, 100 is the mode.

Measures of dispersion: This is a most useful type of statistical analysis that is used to explain how far apart the data points are spread. The most commonly used type of statistical analysis is the standard deviation.

Standard deviation: It is the most standard type of statistical analysis that is used to measure data in our thesis research. Calculating standard deviation starts by taking the difference of each data point from the mean, squaring them, then adding them. At the last, we may wind a number of data points and then taking the square root. If that became tough to calculate, we may use computer software to calculate the standard deviation. This type is very useful in a normal distribution. With the big data sets, statistics primary analyses have no other choice.