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What Are Two Types Of Teacher’s Feedback – Criticism



Feedback is an important part of the educational system. Teachers give feedback to students. This Feedback might be in a formal, or informal way. It is highly important for the improvement of students. Teachers can also assess the understanding of students through this aspect. Giving feedback is not an easy task. This is because it takes a lot of effort from the teachers. Teachers also understand the case of each student for giving them good feedback.

But the same type of feedback is not good for everyone. So teachers give two types of feedback to the students. These two types of feedback are that of constructive, and destructive. Both of the types serve different purposes. Teachers have to use any one type according to the personality of students. These types of feedback must not take effect on teachers’ personalities. Instead it focuses on the need of students. In this article, we explain both types of feedback. Moreover, we also explain how it helps the students in improving.

Constructive Feedback

Constructive feedback is good for students. According to the cheap dissertation writing services firm, teachers use this type of feedback to overcome the weaknesses of students. They also use this feedback for giving support to them. Teachers motivate them with their feedback so that they can perform well in the future. The main purpose of this feedback is to improve the performance of students. It also raises their morale. Teachers give valuable insights to them. This type of feedback also improves the behaviour of students.

Teachers give positive feedback to the students. Teachers can make feedback positive by focusing on the efforts of students. Teachers also share the areas that students can improve in. Teachers can also recommend the solution for their issues. It works for both teachers and the students. Teachers can achieve the goal of a subject, and students will meet the course need. Besides, good feedback also gives lessons to the students for their whole life.

Constructive feedback also helps you in making the following improvements

New Stance

Every student has a specific viewpoint. Constructive feedback allows him/her in seeing the bigger picture. They can start to see the world from different viewpoints through this aspect. In this way, they can improve their performance.

Shows The Positive Side

Teachers must show the positive side of students’ works. This is because it increases the students’ confidence. So they should never forget the highlighting of students’ positive sides. Every student has some positive sides. The teachers should try to find the positive side of students and add it in the feedback.

Knowing The Potential

Constructive feedback helps students in identifying their potential. Many students don’t know their hidden talents. But teachers can introduce them to their hidden talents through the feedback. Students get confidence, and aim to perform well in the future through this. They work hard to show their hidden talents. In short, this feedback gives them a message that they can do better.

Value The Guidance Aspects

Students like teachers who give them positive, and constructive feedback. It also builds a good relationship between the teachers and students. Students get the message that their teachers care about them. It also gives motivation to students. They know that their teachers want to see them growing. For this purpose, teachers help the students in reaching their full potential.

Destructive Feedback

In destructive feedback, teachers point out the faults of students. It focuses on ridiculing the students. It also gives the feeling that teachers do a personal attack on students. Teachers use negative, and harsh language for giving feedback. Destructive feedback hurts the feelings of students. This is because no one likes criticism. Yet you can use this feedback in a positive way. You can learn an important lesson from this type of feedback as well. It helps you in improving your personality. Now we’re going to share points that can help in using destructive feedback through a positive way.

Identifies The Importance Of Criticism

It would help if you considered the criticism positive. The management of assignment writing services said that this is because it makes the feedback important for you. Then you have to analyse the mistakes highlighted within the feedback. Do you have the capacity to improve it? Do you think you need the help of your teacher? If you think you need help, don’t be shy! Your consideration of the destructive feedback gives a positive message to your teacher. So use negative feedback in a positive way by giving importance to it.

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What To Learn

Your approach for dealing with destructive feedback is important. So you should always remain positive. It would help if you had to decide what you want to learn from it. If you want to take it as criticism, then go and do it. But if you’re here to get the suggestion, we won’t suggest you to do this. Destructive feedback includes many areas that you can improve, and work upon. Negative feedback is a great source for identifying your weak areas. Learn about these areas, and start working to improve them.

Shows Your Potential

Sometimes this feedback is a great source of motivation. Many people get motivation from negative feedback. You can also use it to improve your performance. Use these negative points, and make them positive. This is the right time for enhancing, and utilising your potential. Teachers have confidence in their students. But at times you receive a negative response from the teachers. Suppose you’ve lost the trust of your teacher. Now who is going to trust you? In such a case, you should work hard, and gain back your teacher’s trust.


Teachers spend a lot of time giving feedback. It is one of the important duties of teachers. Teachers give constructive, as well as destructive feedback. Constructive feedback gives motivation to the students. It encourages students to see the positive side of their personalities. Students can view the world in different ways. They think that teachers give value to them. In contrast, teachers highlight students’ mistakes through the aspect of destructive feedback. Students can also use it in a positive way. This is because it helps them in realising their full potential. Hence it can be said that both feedback types are important for students. Students can improve their performance by using them in a positive way.