Basic and Applied Research

What is the Difference Between Basic and Applied Research?


Research can be best explained as a systematic investigation that is carried out with the purpose to verify facts and reach updated conclusions. When we talk about its utility, research can be divided into two; basic as well as applied. Many researchers of dissertation writing services believe that these two are closely related and work with each other as basic research is the platform that applied research often uses to solve real-life problems. In addition to this, basic research makes use of technology that is developed by applied research to fulfill its objectives. It would not be wrong to say that both these utilities of research are a cycle of advancement that work closely. Applied research deals mostly with particular topics that have direct practical relevance; on the other hand, basic research is motivated by the expansion of knowledge and seeks to answer questions that are not related to direct applications.

Knowing More About Basic Research:

Also known as fundamental or pure research, basic research mainly deals with the improvement of scientific knowledge. It aims to simply gather more information to further understand the existing phenomenon, especially in the field of natural sciences. Its main focus is on supporting as well as challenging assumptions that explain various phenomena.

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As pure research, it looks at the big picture and seems overall factors and related postulates. Thus, fundamental research is purely theoretical as it delves into basic laws and principles. Even if the produced ideas are not directly applied to current situations, such conclusions from basic research are highly important for enhancing future applied studies. The best example of this is the precious studies on mathematical theories that are being used in programming and other information technology processes.

Understanding Applied Research:

Applied research works to know more about a certain real-world problem and makes efforts to solve it the right way.  It mainly focuses on the application of natural science principles on practical difficulties as well as enhancing innovations. These types of studies are often associated with the fields of business, economics, health, and politics. For example, a company can hire an applied researcher to look into the best ways of hiring people and placing employees at various positions within the organization.

Difference Between Basic And Applied Research:

While basic research is meant to expand our current knowledge, applied research tries to solve particular life problems.

  • Basic research is more theoretical as it works with theories and exploration of information that might not be presently applied. It deals with improving current academic concepts.
  • The scope of basic research is often universal as it can be applied to diverse concepts.
  • Basic research is more into theories and information that is linked to research and discovering ideas and concepts.
  • Basic research works hard to predict future phenomena as it deals with knowing what will happen and tries to control these factors too. With the knowledge and understanding of things, it tries to deal with what could happen and work on things for achieving better outcomes.

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  • The main drive behind basic research is curiosity; it is conducted to understand fundamental concepts
  • Basic research takes place in a sterile or high controlled environment such as laboratories where theories are tested and concepts are developed
  • Applied research is more practical and descriptive and works hard to solve current problems in various fields by concerning itself with end-usage.
  • Applied research is largely particular as it is focused on very specific topics that seek to answer certain problems.
  • Applied research is linked with the improvement of technology as it covers the direct application of knowledge in various fields.
  • Applied research tries to prevent problems that could occur in the future or try to come up with solutions to such problems that could arise in the coming time to prevent waste of time, money, and efforts.
  • Applied research is driven by the clients as its main aim is to solve problems being faced by individuals or groups.
  • Applied research works more closely with the economy as it is more concerned with the efficacy of products, market strategies, and other economically related procedures and conducts surveys, experiments, and case studies in this regard
  • Applied research is more practical and takes place in real-world settings where other unexpected variables are also present

Both these types of research have their purpose and utility. Each of them is chosen by the researchers for obtaining certain scientific knowledge and identifying a proper solution to the problem in the given settings and environment.